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Monday, 8 August 2016

Wharfedale Air Cadet complete Gruelling Dutch March

An Ilkley Air Cadet has completed the challenging Nijmegen Marches in Holland.

Cadet Sergeant Ryan Griffin took part in the event, in which participants must walk 100 miles over four days through the Dutch countryside, as part of the Central and East Yorkshire Wing team, one of many military teams taking part from across the world!

The Nijmegen Marches is one of the most prestigious events that Air Cadets can take part in, marching alongside teams from countries as far away as Canada, the USA and even Australia!

This year was made even more special by the fact that the event was celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

On completing the marches, and being awarded his medal for completing the event for a second time, Sgt Griffin said it was "The hardest challenge I've had in cadets to date but the greatest part is the crowds there to cheer you on".

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