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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Fun

Cpl Chris Cavaliere took on the task of organsing a Halloween Party for cadets at Sqn. He organised a number of party games including apple bobbing, balloon bashing, what can you construst and an obstacle course made from cans. Despite the school holdiays, 35 cadets and 7 staff all arrived in their costumes. Some outfits more daring than others and some caused immense amusement.
The evening started with an inspection of the costumes by Warrant Officers David Wood and Bob Pratt. Each cadet was awarded an inspection mark.
Cadets were then allocated 15 mintues in each game. Each game was managed by an NCO and they awarded points to each group.
The evening concluded with a Halloween quiz and then the prizes were awarded.
The best costume went to;
Best Cadet - Cdt Cooper carrying a homemade ghost busters machine on his back.
Best Junior NCO - Cpl Partovi in a very daring Robin outfit.
Best Senior NCO - FS Cunningham an one of the Incredibles.
The best team went to the Ghost Busters

1. The Winning Ghost Buster Team The NCO's featuring Robin and the Incredible FS Cunningham

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Monday, 4 October 2010

Squadron Photo

The new Squadron photograph taken to mark the end of Flt Lt Hitchens 19 year command of 1224 is now available to view and download.