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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Promotions at 1224

On Thursday 20th September 2012, Officer Commanding 1224 (Wharfedale), Flt Lt Sue Leighton made the following promotions.

To Corporal:

Cadet James Cooper
Cadet James Rowlands

To Sergeant

Corporal Jørgen Moore
Corporal Kjersti Moore

To Flight Sergeant

Sergeant Chris Cavaliere
Sergeant Jamie Partovi

Congratulations to all six on their well deserved and hard earned promotions!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Rheindahlen Camp 2012 Report

By Cpl Callum Parker

The 2012 North Region Rheindahlen camp didn’t get off to the greatest of starts for me, after trailing round Leeds for about half an hour and waiting in the bus station for what seemed like an eternity, we boarded the coach for Manchester airport. A coach journey and a half later we arrived at the airport and swiftly negotiated the numerous security clearances before boarding the plane. The flight was surprisingly short and we touched down ready for another coach journey to the base.

After the second coach journey of the day we arrived at JHQ (Joint Head-Quarters) Rheindahlen. After a short briefing outside the accommodation we were allocated rooms and told to wake up in roughly 4 hours’ time, so we did.

Thursday: We awoke early the next morning and changed into DPM’s for breakfast, and then off for the camp photograph, after that we changed into to ‘civvies’ for a trip to a local swimming pool and a short town visit. That night we went go-karting in Holland and returned for a well-deserved sleep.

Friday: Once again we woke up early and wore ‘civvies’ as today we would be visiting the German town of Cologne, During this visit we climbed the 533 steps to the top of the Cathedral and visited the ‘Olympia Museum’ before being let loose on the city. That night we returned to the base for a quiz in which prizes were awarded for: Best group name, best answer, first place and second-to-last place (which my group won!)

Saturday: As it was a weekend we were all allowed a 1 hour lie-in, once again we were in civvies for a trip to the Moehne Dam (the first dam that the ‘dam-busters’ broke). The trip consisted of two, three-hour long coach journeys (to get there and back…) and a boat ride on the reservoir. That night we watched the film ‘Dam-Busters’ in the youth club situated on the base.

Sunday: A one hour long lie-in was granted again as today we would need all the energy we could get, we were visiting an activity centre in Holland called ‘Break-out’. After a few wrong turns and the bus driver causing minor damage to the bus we arrived at the activity centre ready to do things like: climbing, archery, tunnelling/caving and a high-ropes course. The day was action packed and really fun until we returned to base and were told we had to practice for a drill competition on Tuesday.

Monday: Another early morning wake-up and DPM’s for a day at a nearby German Luftwaffe Base. Here we had a short presentation by a Flight Lieutenant from the R.A.F. and shown round the on-base museum dedicated to a World War 1 ace that taught the legendary ‘Red Baron’ to dogfight. After that we were given a tour of a Eurofighter Typhoon and the base itself. That night we spent doing drill practice for the inter-flight competition the next morning.

Tuesday: DPM’s for the last time, but also for the inter-flight drill competition… At 7:30 German-time the drill competition commenced (too early for drill!)After that we changed into civvies and went to a military museum filled with hundreds of military vehicles. On the journey home we stopped at both a Dutch military graveyard (which had 31,585 soldiers’ graves) and a British graveyard to compare the ways in which each country respects and remembers it’s fallen. After that short diversion, to lighten the mood, we stopped for ice-cream at a parlour where they make spaghetti ice-cream! That night we had a camp disco complete with karaoke and paper-plate awards.

Wednesday: It was the last day, and after packing our bags and cleaning the rooms we left our luggage in the resident ATC Squadron and went out for the day to visit a Dutch town (our last chance to buy souvenirs!). We then returned to collect our bags and headed for the airport, a quick flight home and before we knew it we were collecting our luggage at the baggage carousel and it was all over… everyone said their good-byes and I boarded the coach home along with about 20 others.

Overall the week was very enjoyable and one I will not forget. Oversees camps are amazing and a must-do during your time in cadets. As the station is set to close down, JHQ Rheindahlen camps are probably not going to be operating after this year, but I would thoroughly recommend that everyone should apply for an overseas camp as they are great fun and you will meet some amazing people.